A Case Study in Sincere Hypocrisy: Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel is a notorious apologist for the fascist Phalange group, Kataeb, and the terrorist group, the South Lebanon Army (SLA), who were responsible for the Sabra and Shatila massacres that slaughtered 1700 to 2000 Palestinians (mostly women and chidren).

Her story is that she grew up during that nation’s long, and bloody civil war.  It was a war that claimed many lives and saw many factions shift alliances and allegiance. Groups that were enemies in the morning became allies at night. Indeed, Muslims fought Muslims and Christians fought Christians.

She seems to play up this milieu to justify her views, as if we should – moved by her “alibi” – automatically excuse and accept them. But her alibi is objectionable since most Lebanese who grew up during this same war did not turn out as rabidly racist as she did.

Gabriel believes Arabs “have no soul!”

The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arab world is the difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s the difference between good and evil [applause]…. this is what we’re witnessing in the Arabic world, They have no SOUL !, they are dead set on killing and destruction. And in the name of something they call “Allah” which is very different from the God we believe….[applause] because our God is the God of love.

(No soul? An oddly dehumanizing thing for an alleged Christian to say, don’t you think?)

It is no wonder then that theThe New York Times Magazine describes her as a “Radical Islamophobe.”

Brigitte’s self-contradiction is notable. At times she seems to acknowledge that “moderate” Muslims exist,

It’s the duty of all moderate Muslims to speak against the hate, against the Jihad… the people in the West must support the moderates.

The same Brigitte Gabriel on another day scoffs at the notion that a Muslim can be moderate,

America and the West are doomed to failure in this war unless they stand up and identify the real enemy: Islam. You hear about Wahabbi and Salafi Islam as the only extreme form of Islam. All the other Muslims, supposedly, are wonderful moderates. Closer to the truth are the pictures of the irrational eruption of violence in reaction to the cartoons of Mohammed printed by a Danish newspaper…derived from one source: authentic Islam.

And she spills out to the Australian News her bizarre definition of a radical Muslim:

a practising Muslim who goes to mosque every Friday, prays five times a day, and who believes that the Koran is the word of God, and who believes that Mohammed is the perfect man and (four inaudible words) is a radical Muslim.

Let me get this straight, so a Muslim who essentially observes the basic five pillars of Islam is a radical? That leaves us with 1.4 billion radical Muslims, so who gets to be the “moderate” Muslim, I’m confused.

So Brigitte, what is it? Are there any moderates or not? Brigitte seems to be telling us that the only acceptable Muslims are the ones who don’t practice Islam altogether? Or perhaps, she’s even implying that the only good Muslim is an ex-Muslim? 

The question becomes, how can someone so blatantly clueless get airtime anywhere other than on America’s Funniest Home Videos?

The answer, Brigitte has found her very own litte niche to settle within the lucrative business of Muslim-bashing. Her forte is to parlay her “otherness,” and so-called “insider knowledge of the Muslim world,” (the “I’ve been there, I know” line) into a cash cow. Meanwhile we are supposed to be duped into freaking out and running back to her for more “expert” advice brought to us from our loyal friend who ventures into the other side on our behalf.

Gabriel started two organizations, American Congress for Truth (ACT) and (she seems to be running out of ideas)  Act! for America  that receive plenty of funding and “donations” from the likes of the goonish Christians United for Israel and others. Maybe she thinks Americans are gullible or maybe she is a true hypocrite as Andre Gide said,

The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.

This very well may be the case with our merchant of intolerance and misunderstanding, Brigitte Gabriel.

10 Responses to “A Case Study in Sincere Hypocrisy: Brigitte Gabriel”

  1. wow…hypocrite is an understatement.

  2. The Truth Says:

    Can I get a fugly on that pic? Anybody?

  3. Carol Barth Says:

    Gabriel is a dolt of the wacko Christian Right, she says anything and everything that they want her to. It’s a business. BTW, starting two organizations and not having the courtesy to name them something different (one is the acronym of the other) shows you the level of creativity this woman has.

    I believe at the end of the day she is craving the limelight that she would have no chance of getting otherwise in a thousand years

  4. Muslim bashing is profitable business. Thanks for exposing this hateful speech so that whoever even thought to give her some credibility can think twice.

  5. […] advice brought to us from our loyal friend who ventures into the other side on our behalf. A Case Study in Sincere Hypocrisy: Brigitte Gabriel | loonwatch.com or try this Brigitte Gabriel on Terrorism? It Takes One to Know One Voices – Brigitte Gabriel […]

  6. I received this in my email today, so I’ll share with you all.

    In Canada too, these Zionist neo-cons try to subvert some openly, and others using underhanded means like Brad Kostynuik.

    Brad Kostynuik alias “Wharold” demonises Palestinians, Arabs, Islam, and posts on many talkbacks in right wing extremist websites, revises Zionist history under different aliases, namely “Wharold”. Brandi Dickman a Jewish woman, is Brad’s wife and is also a partner there. Brad is a Christian, and calls himself a Noahide.

    This is Brad Kostynuik’s professional life website in his official persona

    This is his smear site, at WordPress where he smears Obama, and Islam and Palestinians,.

    he also posts at this site called Israel Insider, which was hacked by
    Obama supporters and destroyed then set up on ning.com

    This is Wharold’s profile page on Israel Insider

    This is his profile at Judeo Christian America, A
    christian Zionist site on ning linked to israel insider,
    He also uses “Wharold” here

    He also writes comments on Kahanist, Zionist, Canadian and American news talkbacks too numerous to list here

    Here is a picture of Brandi Dickman, Brad’s wife

    Brad Kostynuik doesn’t have a facebook profile, but his son Ethan does

    He is an activist with Stand With Israel in Canada.

    Brad keeps his double life of hate and racism about President Obama, Arabs, blacks, Moslems, and creates anti Obama art which he distributes to his fellow Likud extremists.

    He is an activist with Stand With Israel and is linked to Walid Shoebat, who is a paid propagandist by the right wing Likud lobby, Like Brijitt Gabriel, Debbie Shclussel and others,

    The Canadian Farm Business Management Council is unaware of his double life, as an anti Obama propagandist, right wing zealotry, and his affiliations with Kahanists, the Jewish version of Al Qaeda, and the Dominionists (Christian Evangleical Rapture club) Kahanism is illegal in the US, and I think in Canada they don’t even have the free speech rights that we do here.

    The Canadian Farm Business Management Council is unaware of his double life, as an anti Obama propagandist, right wing zealotry, and his affiliations with Kahanists, the Jewish version of Al Qaeda, and the Dominionists (Christian Evangleical Rapture club) Kahanism is illegal in the US, and I think in Canada they don’t even have the free speech rights that we do here.

    Kostynuik was involved in an episode for Fred’s Bicycle Repair Shop and was with a music group in Toronto, but all that is unrelated. We’re only concerned with his anti Obama material.

    Kostynuik posts in talkbacks and commentaries at various right wing websites using the alias “Wharold”.

  7. BlackbootJack Says:

    Its very easy to sit in front of your computers and think all muslims are very nice people. And they will like us if we like them.
    What you people don’t understnd is that radical islam wants us DEAD! They want our families DEAD!
    They hate us and everythi They want our children DEAD!!!
    They hate us and everything we stand for.
    And if it wasn’t for people like Brigitte Gabriel…no onw would know what is advancing towards our doorsteps.
    Wake up Americans!!!!
    Get your heads out of your assess.

  8. Pirate Paul Says:

    For several years now, my mailbox has been indundated with an almost steady stream of mass-forwarded messages of common denominator: anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, anti-Arab etc.
    I wondered if this was the work of the R party or specifically the Bush regime. But it continues after those guys are gone (at least for the next presidential term or two). The sheer amount, focus and persistence of the e-mail campaign made clear there was a powerful group with lots of resources behind it. But sources and origins for the barrage of hate propaganda were evasive, until I began looking a little more closely. I found that you seldom have to scratch far beneath the surface to find out who’s doing all this. One word, Zionism.
    Example, a recent message quoting some Australian politician speaking on the “islamification” of “his” country. The guy’s name is Rudd. That sounded familiar. So I searched the web for another Rudd I remembered, a member of the violent leftist group the Weathermen, circa late 60s. It took all of five minutes. Yep, Mark Rudd, real name Rudnitski. Race? You guessed it. Member of that race of self-sworn enemies of anything and everything Arabic since before any of us were ever born.

  9. Sami Abdallah Says:

    Hey Jihadistas, remember that your great predecessor “Emir” Ismael AKA Tod Royer, the leading internet Jihadi-operative was found guilty of Jihadi terrorism in 2002 and linked to Laskar Taiba. He is serving a sentence as you know very well..his tactics didn’t thrive.

    Your cover is no more.

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