Reason meets Loony Blogger: See What Happens!

[youtube: 300 250]

3 Responses to “Reason meets Loony Blogger: See What Happens!”

  1. MauriceAvenger Says:

    This lady makes no sense at all. Its like Cenk is talking to a brick wall or a clueless valley girl.

  2. Tal Cohen Says:

    Sorry, but Pammy totally owned him. The genocide denier Cenk is either ignorant (which I doubt) or a patent liar and deceiver (As I do believe). Strawman arguments, rhetorical questions, ridiculous comments and premises. Last time I checked Christians didn’t blow themselves up in crowdrd buses replete with children. Pathetic.

  3. Pi Beck Says:

    Tal Cohen, there is no way that Pammy owned him unless we are in a parallel universe controlled by a puppet master with the administrative skills of George Bush. What strawman arguments are your referring to? The fact that we invaded Iraq on a lie? That our resources were sucked into the development of a cosmic war (read Reza Aslan’s recent book), and an Us v. Them mentality that only exacerbated a threat that was more equivalent to a global criminal problem than one that required war.

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