EDL Yobs Urinate on Westminster Abbey

A hilarious article from UK Indymedia.

If desecrating Nottingham Castle was not enough, on Friday the 5th of March, whilst in London to pay homage to their far right extremist prophet Geert Wilders, the “patriotic crusaders of England’s cultural heritage” paid their ultimate respect to one of England’s most historic sacred Christian sites, deluging Westminster Abbey with gallons of filthy urine.

Engaged in a tsunami of continuous racist chanting, the EDL’s (in denial) neo-Nazi “defenders of England’s Christian heritage” made a beeline for one of London’s most famous place of worship, unzipping their floppy pink mitres in majestic unison, baptising walls, doorways and memorials with an almighty torrent of pungent hops-tinged English excreta.

Given a free reign to do what they pleased, while sober anti-fascist demonstrators were kettled, jostled, arrested, and released later without charge, the drunken racist thugs of the so-called English Defence League were allowed to do just what they pleased in Britain’s capital, free to roam the streets of London without censure, inflicting conflict and hatred upon anyone and anything as they pleased.

Scuffling in city pubs, drinking in the streets, racially abusing passers-by, intimidating shoppers, threatening anti-racist campaigners with violence, the very worst of England’s binge-drinking yob culture was on display in the nation’s capital last Saturday.

Rampaging through the streets, disturbing the peace in the Tate Gallery, was not enough to keep the violent fascist yobbos occupied. Once they had paid lipservice to wildeyed Wilders, they set off on their most hypocritical mission yet.

Their Hitler salutes and incessant racist chanting hardly demonstrating to the world the EDL are not bigots, by displaying the same contempt towards Christianity as they openly display towards Islam, Stopping off at a sufficient number of drinking holes along the way, paying homage to cheap fizzy Australian, Danish and Belgian lagers, the self-styled “defenders of England’s native culture”, slurped, stumbled and vomited until their bladders were ready for the big one, the defining moment for the english nationalist hooligans to leave their mark upon one of Britain’s most historic churches.

Making a pissing pilgrimage to Westminster Abbey, the usual suspects including the same lout dressed like St George captured urinating on Nottingham Castle (they never learn), ran in desperation towards the historic church, disproving the sceptics who thought they only defiled mosques with racist valdalism after dark, by doing their utmost to show the world what the EDL truly thinks of Christianity.

The Metropolitan Police, church officials and embarrassed tourists looked away while the filthy louts of the riot-igniting EDL (including some of their ringleaders) sprayed walls, doors, commemorative plaques, and anything they could land on including a medieval doorway. Westminster Abbey was used as a toilet by the thugs of the EDL.

Urinating in public always has been a criminal offence. In this CCTV era, so much as dropping a bus ticket onto the pavement can warrant a hefty fine and even a court appearance, but even though the recognisable culprits had been captured many times on camera, none of the despicable fascist scrotes who thought it funny to behave like tomcats on one of London’s most visited sacred places of Christian worship have so much as been interviewed by the boys in blue.

Try pissing not in broad daylight but late night, down some hidden rubbish-strewn alley of no importance, and expect to be arrested, handcuffed and rushed to the nearest nick to spend the night. The EDL regard themselves as untouchables since the bail terms for their leaders were overturned in court, but this fails to explain why the capital’s bastians of law and order see fit not to apply the letter of the law to these lawless racist football hooligans, when law-abiding social workers, students and humanitarian anti-racist campaigners are jostled, harassed, and even arrested without charge for peacefully opposing fascism, is beyond explanation.

Given a licence to chant offensive slogans, pick fights with opponents, and indecently urinate in broad daylight on Britain’s historical tourist sites willy-nilly, beyond their curtain of spin and internet trolling, the so-called “English Defence League” are nothing more than the shamelessly moronic dregs of society, a gang of uncontrollable racist louts who bring nothing but hatred, fear and shame to the country they claim to love.


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