2 Tennessee Pastors Burn Korans

The originator of the Burn a Koran day, Pastor Terry Jones based his vile act on Acts 19:19 which stated that the early Christians burned the books of some who practiced witch-craft. Terry Jones backed down from his threat to burn the Koran because he said he received a sign from God not to do it. However, some other ministers went ahead with it.

2 ministers burn Quran in Tennessee backyard

SPRINGFIELD — A Florida pastor’s threat to burn Islam’s holy book on the anniversary of 9/11 set off a nationwide furor and incited Muslim anger as far away as Afghanistan, but the incendiary plan ended quietly in the backyard of a home in Springfield.

After a week that included warnings that burning the Quran would endanger American troops overseas, a personal phone call from Defense Secretary Robert Gates and an appeal from President Barack Obama to listen to “those better angels,” the Rev. Terry Jones of Gainesville, Fla., relented and canceled his plans.

But the Rev. Bob Old vowed to stick with his plan to burn the Quran.

On Saturday, despite the national tempest and opposition from conservative Christian leaders including Middle Tennessee pastors, Old carried out his plan.

But for all the controversy and hype, his Quran burning took place in front of just a handful of people, most of them from the media.

Old and the Rev. Danny Allen stood together in Old’s backyard, answering what they say was a message from God.

The pair soaked two copies of the Quran and one other Islamic text with lighter fluid, ignited them and watched the books disintegrate into ashes on the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic extremists that killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

Old acknowledged that aside from Allen he had little other support, even from his family.

“I do this without the blessings of others,” he said.

Old did not address his critics directly, but he said that the Christian church has failed the people.

“The American people have a great deal to gain and a great deal to lose in supporting the Muslim faith,” Old said. “My belief is that we as a nation are in dangerous territory.”

“This is a book of hate, not a book of love,” Old said, holding the Quran, before setting it afire. “It’s a false book, it’s a false prophet (Muhammad) and it’s false Scripture.”

Then the two conducted what Old called a “peaceful demonstration” with little fanfare. Eight journalists gathered in Old’s backyard during the burning.

3 Protest Burning

Three protesters stood across the street from Old’s home, holding signs that read “My husband fights terrorism and your actions perpetuate it” and “Proud of my country but ashamed of my neighbors.”

Ashley Parsons of Fort Campbell said she protested to show support for her husband, Matthew, who is serving in Afghanistan.

“It’s been said by our military leaders and the president that these sorts of things cause harm to our troops over there,” Parsons said. “Why would someone take a national tragedy and make it controversial? It’s tragic.”


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