Justin Elliot: 10 Most Terrifying Would-be Congressman

Justin Elliot, one of our favorite anti-Loons at Salon.com has compiled a list of the 10 most terrifying would-be Congressman. Quite a number of them are extreme anti-Muslims such as Renee Elmers and Allen West who featured in a piece titled, Allen West: A Possible Sarah Palin Running-mate? andIlario Pantano:

The 10 most terrifying would-be congressmen

Ilario Pantano (North Carolina, 7th District)

An ex-Marine and former New Yorker who calls himself a “born-again Christian and a born-again Southerner,” Pantano is taking on incumbent Democrat Rep. Mike McIntyre. The GOP candidate became a hero on the right after a 2004 incident in Iraq in which he killed two unarmed prisoners — firing up to 60 rounds at them from close range, then placing a sign with a Marine slogan next to their bodies. Murder charges were later dropped. Notably, he has made fighting the “ground zero mosque” a centerpiece of his campaign, an


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