LoonWatch: Best Islam-Releated Website in the WORLD?

Voting is now open for the annual Brass Crescent Awards, “that honors the best writers and thinkers of the emerging Muslim blogosphere (aka the Islamsphere).”  LoonWatch and its writers were nominated for multiple award categories, including Best Blog, Best Non-Muslim Blogger, and Best Writer.

We issue a fatwa declaring the obligation for you to vote for us in all three categories: LoonWatch for Best Blog and Best Non-Muslim Blogger, and Danios of LoonWatch for Best Writer.  Cast your vote here:

The Seventh Annual Brass Crescent Awards

Allow me to be a bit sensationalist and over-the-top with this:  our site is one of the finalists for thebest Islam-related blog in the entire world. I think this really speaks to how effective our site has been.  Our opponents have tried (quite unsuccessfully) to minimize our importance, hoping that people will ignore us.  But the Muslim masses have spoken, and have given us a clear mandate and their vote of confidence.

I was nominated for Best Writer.  Aside from basking in the glory of this and using it to stroke my already overblown ego, this has some serious importance.  Robert Spencer, king pin of Islamophobia on the internets, issued an open challenge to debate any “Muslim or liberal” spokesmen.  When I accepted his debate challenge, he issued a “haughty refusal” and tried to minimize my importance.  Does a nomination as the Best (Islam-related) Writer in the WHOLE WORLD, as voted for by the Muslim masses themselves, qualify me as relevant enough?

Some random haters comment on our website, saying that they will debate me, asking why should Robert Spencer accept to debate me when I don’t accept to debate them?  They try to strike some equivalence between themselves and myself.  Yet, there is absolutely no correlation.  Nobody reads the random haters’ comment rants (half the time not even myself).  On the other hand, so many people read my writing (and that of other writers on LoonWatch) that I (and our site) have been nominated for BEST (ISLAM-RELATED) WRITER (AND BLOG) IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Robert Spencer is widely known as the most prolific anti-Islam blogger, and I am in the running for Best (Islam-related) Writer.  It only makes sense then that he and I are meant for each other, and that he and I should debate each other.  Shouldn’t the Best Anti-Islam Blogger and the Best Islam-related Writer not duke it out (proverbially speaking)?  Why does Robert Spencer agree to debate so many Muslim and liberal spokesmen out there but refuse to debate the one who is in the running for Best (Islam-related) Writer, at least in the eyes of the Muslim masses?  We can only conclude that he is scared to debate me.

Anyways, I’d like to thank everyone for nominating us.  We do appreciate the support.  Go cast your vote (don’t vote twice since it tracks IP addresses and invalidates cheaters), and let the best blog win (unless of course it’s not ours).


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