NYPD’s Muslim Horror Flick Sparks Outcry

Did Spencer sneak into the room or something?

NYPD’s Muslim Horror Flick Sparks Outcry

A major city Islamic organization is putting a few tough questions to the NYPD about how a loony Muslim-bashing movie came to be shown to city cops, as reported in this week’s Voice.

“Our nation’s battle against terrorism is only made more difficult whenever security officers are taught to view all Muslims, and the faith of Islam itself, with suspicion,” saidCouncil on American-Islamic Relations-New York Board President Zead Ramadan. “We call on Commissioner Kelly to order an internal probe of how this propaganda film came to be used and to put policies in place to ensure that NYPD training is not biased by agenda-driven materials — or trainers — targeting any religious or minority community.”

Ramadan said he has asked for a meeting with NYPD officials to find out how cops came to view “The Third Jihad” — a blood-splattered 72-minute feature suggesting that even moderate Muslims are engaged in a conspiracy to put America under radical Islamic rule. The Voice asked police officials the same question after a cop complained that he and others undergoing anti-terror training were made to sit through the film this month at a police training facility in Coney Island.

Deputy police commissioner Paul Browne initially said the film had never been shown to cops, but later confirmed that the movie was shown at least twice. The screenings were a mistake, Browne said.

Makers of the movie, a secretive right-wing nonprofit group called the Clarion Fund, are still ducking their own questions about how they got so lucky to get their flick screened by impressionable young law enforcement officers.


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