Church and Mosque Join Forces to Feed Flood Victims

Muslims and Christians coming together in face of devastation.

Church and Mosque Join Forces to Feed Flood Victims

ROTTERDAM JUNCTION – There’s been so much hardship and heartache since Tropical Storm Irene.

One silver lining though, the devastation has brought people together in a heart-warming way.

We’ve seen signs of this every day since the storm. On Saturday, members of a church and a mosque joined forces to feed people cleaning up in Schenectady County.

A little over a month after Tropical Storm Irene wreaked havoc in the Capital Region, residents affected by massive flooding continue to pick up the pieces of their lives and rebuild.

The waters have receded in Rotterdam Junction, but help from the community has not dried up.

“The community has been about the best thing going. Everybody has pitched in,” says Jan Hunter, a flood victim.

Hunter has a crew working on her home that was flooded on route 5S. Noon time Saturday and lunch was delivered to her doorstep for everyone.

“They brought in lunch today, which has been wonderful.” says Hunter.

The delivery came from a group of volunteers, donating their time, trying to make sure those who were affected by flooding, don’t have to worry about putting food on the table.

“We have people in need. Some of us who were fortunate we didn’t lose anything, we’re coming together to help those who have,” says Joann canary.

Canary started what she called the “Sandwich Brigade” a week ago, delivering fresh sandwiches to homeowners. This weekend, she and her church joined forces with the Bait Ul Noor Mosque in Rotterdam Junction to feed even more people.

“How could you look at a neighbor struggling and not want to jump in and help. We’re part of this community and we consider it a great honor that we’re able to do something today,” says Tahira Khan.

Khan brought a mixture of Indian food and sandwiches from Subway. The volunteers then filled up four cars with the goodies — driving to four different spots in Rotterdam Junction to hand them out.

“It’s tough times around here. I want to see them all get back,” says Canary.

As you can tell, it’s all turning personal to the volunteers. While they haven’t been affected, they all know someone who have or have become friends with the victims.

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