Eric Allen Bell Defects to JihadWatch Twilight Zone: Islamophobic Diarist Dumped by Daily Kos

Eric Allen Bell, the loon, has been dumped by Daily Kos for being a bigot.  Good riddance.

What many have suspected seems to have happened, birds of a feather flock together.

If you sound like a bigot, write like a bigot, argue like a bigot, then you’re a bigot… he started sounding more and more like Robert Spencer and sure enough now they’re reposting each other for validation.

Damn you Kossacks, Eric Allen Bell is miffed

by LaFeminista

After three diaries of mounting Islamophobia Eric was finally dumped, what a shame I here you all cry.

Now I hardly feel the need to friend him on  facebook but I might as well copy his whine here

Eric Allen Bell
Daily Kos has removed me as a writer. Apparently appealing to people’s humanity and asking if we can take a stand on human rights is not a value that DKOS holds as dear as compromise and commercialization. The liberal class in America IS NOT an effective voice of dissent. Either you are radical or you just don’t care. The middle ground is a waiting room for cowards.

Sorry Eric, you were not removed as a writer, but because you sounded just like Pamela Geller.

You mount a typical defense used by bigots everywhere, “I’m just telling the truth”.

You then proceed to lump every Muslim under a violent, bloodthirsty and bigoted banner, you even stooped to the “they are mere savages” argument.

You were not banned for speaking the truth.

You were banned because you are a bigot, sorry but it really is as simple as that.

Good riddance I say.


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