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Pamela Geller: Freaking Viewers out on the Joy Behar Show

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Pamela Has a Big Head-Courtesy of Lex, Agent of ChaosPamela Has a Big Head-Courtesy of Lex, Agent of Chaos

How many times do we have to put Pamela Geller through the ringer of truth until people realize that she is a bigot who is doing the Tea Bag shuffle, and who created her site for no other reason then to unleash her guttural, hate filled venom against Islam and Mooslims.

The pathological liar was on CNN Headline News’ Joy Behar Show where she attempted to stick up for another crazy Conservative charlatan: Sarah Palin.  Yes, that is the same network which Geller labeled as part of the “whores in the media,” but I guess they are less “whorish” when they are giving you air time?  Geller just can’t let a good opportunity pass her by.

Anyway, back to the show. Geller looked like a complete buffoon, constantly tripping over words, talking about the parents of other guests and appearing as coherent as Rush Limbaugh high on prescription drugs.

Watch for yourself:

[youtube: 350 300]

See what I mean? I don’t know how she made it on to the Joy Behar Show, but I think it was for comedic effect and also to lampoon the clinically insane Right-wing, as Charles Johnson noted, “If Joy Behar was trying to make the right wing blogosphere (and fans of Sarah Palin) look terrible, she couldn’t have picked a better person.”

Pamela Geller isn’t in tune with reality that is why she can claim that she knows more about Ronald Reagan than his son, her botox was almost melting off her face as she gesticulated wildly about how Sarah Palin is victimized.  It was a shame that Geller was allowed to shriek for the majority of the time, I wanted to hear the more intelligent Stephanie Miller who can combine wit with biting political analysis, but next time.

Also when Geller digresses into personal shots at other guests people should bring up her crazy, zany conspiracy theories and challenge her on her hate filled beliefs. I want to see her taken to task for her wild statements because it seems she doesn’t really think she will ever have to defend them.

Check out Charles Johson’s post on LGF: Pamela Geller Shrieks on Joy Behar Show

Pamela Geller’s appearance last night on the Joy Behar show with Ron Reagan and Stephanie Miller perfectly demonstrates why Geller has become known on theInternet as the “shrieking harpy.”

Geller actually seems to think she came off well on this show, in which she tells Ron Reagan what his own father would have thought about Sarah Palin, and rants continuously like a howler monkey on crack throughout the whole segment. Notice that it ends as Joy Behar tells Geller, “You have not shut up.”

This obnoxious performance was a big hit on the wingnut blogs, of course.

Pamela Geller is a full-on, raving Birther. She tried to claim Barack Obama is the love child of Malcolm X, and she wasn’t kidding. She regularly uses terms like “libtard,” calls President Obama “Hussein,” and often compares him to Adolf Hitler. Shepromotes the neo-Nazi British National Party, and praises other fascist groups like the English Defense League and the Vlaams Belang. She doesn’t just criticize radical Islam; she’s a flat out, bigoted Muslim-hater who believes that every single Muslim is a terrorist by nature. And she has the personality of a treacherous rattlesnake.

If Joy Behar was trying to make the right wing blogosphere (and fans of Sarah Palin) look terrible, she couldn’t have picked a better person.