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‘No ragheads’ response to plan for Islamic centre in Illinois town

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‘No ragheads’ response to plan for Islamic centre in Illinois town

Timoth Sylvia, pastor of HOPE United Church of Christ in Naperville, first noticed the signs saying “Vote No to Mosque on 248″ early this week.

The signs relate to the possible annexation into Naperville of a 14-acre property on 248th Avenue just south of 95th Street. The land is currently owned by the United Church of Christ’s national organization. However, the Islamic Center of Naperville is working to purchase the land and get it annexed into the city. The site includes a four-bedroom house which United Church of Christ used for offices before moving to its new location at 1701 Quincy Ave. in Naperville this summer. The rest of the property is farmland.

The annexation was discussed on Wednesday night at the Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. The meeting may have been the spark for those who put the signs up in the area.

Sylvia said he got word Monday that signs had been put up on the property. He said one sign put in the front yard of the property said “No Ragheads on 248″. “It was just disheartening,” he said. There were also signs saying a basic “Vote No to Mosque on 248″ on utility poles up and down 248th Avenue, he said, and also along stretches of Route 59 in Naperville.

Naperville Sun, 6 October 2011

See also Chicago Tribune, 7 October 2011

Niagara Falls: Two Muslims Assaulted Near Islamic Centre in Hate Crime

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Robert Spencer would say,” Islamophobia? What Islamophobia? It doesn’t exist! But if it does exist or happen then it is the fault of the Mooslims, and this hate crime is probably made up! Michel Duff and Michael Van Andel are probably some Mooslims practicing taqiyyah!”

Big secret: In his heart of hearts Spencer probably smiles anytime a Muslim is attacked.

Two assaulted at Islamic Centre in Niagara Falls in possible hate crime

Niagara Police are investigating after a possible hate crime occurred at an Islamic Centre in Niagara Falls.

Police say on December 3 two adult males and a male young offender went to the Centre armed with golf clubs.

They proceeded to damage cars in the parking lot and where then confronted by two members of the centre.   The members were then assaulted with golf clubs before others intervened and detained the attackers until police arrived.

The victims received minor injuries and were treated on scene.

Police say throughout the attack the assailants continually hurled racial slurs at the victims.

Michel Duff , 27, has been charged with mischief under $5000 and assault with a weapon. Michael Van Andel, 22, has been charged with assault with a weapon and fail to comply with probation.

A 16-year-old young offender is charged with mischief.

Due to the racial slurs police are treating this as a hate crime.