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Lee Preston: EDL Thug Jailed in Racist and anti-Muslim Attack on Cabdriver

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EDL Thug: Lee Preston

These violent attacks have been occurring with some frequency, just a few days ago we reported on an EDL supporter who attacked a family with knives and threatened to kill them. Now we have another incident in which an EDL yob attacks a Muslim. Remember the EDL is Horowitz tool Robert Spencer’s favorite UK group, he once termed them, “freedom fighters.”

Jail for racist thug who shouted ‘EDL’ when he attacked a taxi driver

A racist thug who punched a taxi driver and dragged him along a street, has been jailed for 18 months.

Lee Preston, 22, targeted cabbie Mohammed Rashid, leaving him with two black eyes, a bruised face and grazes to his shoulders caused when he was dragged to the ground.

Mr John Hallisey, prosecuting, said the cabbie received a call at 9pm on April 16 to collect five men from Chaddesden. He noticed they were carrying cans of lager and told them these could not be drunk in his vehicle. But after a few minutes, the men started drinking.

“Mr Rashid told them to stop and the response was to start hurling abuse. The defendant was saying ‘we are EDL,’ referring to the English Defence League,” said Mr Hallisey.

Preston, of Walbrook Road, Derby, began to throw beer cans out of the taxi until Mr Rashid closed the windows – a move which angered the passengers. Mr Rashid stopped his cab and told the five to leave. One said: “Get out and we’ll sort you out.”

When they eventually left, they failed to close the rear doors but Mr Rashid waited until he thought they had walked away before getting out of the cab. But he was then grabbed and prevented from getting back into the vehicle before being attacked.

During this, he heard chants of “EDL” and one man said: “I’m going to kill you.” When a second taxi driver stopped to help, he was also assaulted and had his vehicle kicked.

Police were called and Preston was found hiding under a bush.

He admitted affray and racially aggravated assault causing actual bodily harm.

Derby Telegraph, 30 January 2012

American Justice: Abu Ghraib Ringleader Released From Jail After Serving Lindsay Lohan Style Sentence

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This from the New York Times:

…The so-called ringleader at Abu Ghraib, Charles A. Graner Jr., was released from a prison in Kansas.

Mr. Graner, 42, had been sentenced to 10 years in prison but was released after six and a half for good behavior.

Another example of our wonderful justice system at work: here we have the supposed ringleader of the infamous Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, released from jail after serving a measly six and a half years.

What occurred in this prison amounted to war crimes: physical, psychological, and sexual abuse took place, including torture, rape, sodomy, and even homicide.  A handful of low-level foot-soldiers took the fall, with Charles Graner charged with being the ringleader.

It seems that Graner is the “last suspect in Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal” to be released from jail.  This means that the longest prison sentence handed out to those who committed such horrific abuses against Muslims was less than seven years.  Every single one of these perpetrators of abuse walks free today.

Meanwhile, numerous Muslims were imprisoned by the United States for much longer than six and a half years in such dungeons as Guantanamo Bay, only to be found innocent and released without so much as an apology.  Many other Muslims continue to rot in these U.S. prisons for a decade, without any chance of ever seeing their day in court.

And so it is that the perpetrators of abuse were imprisoned for less time than those they abused.  What could more accurately encapsulate the Orwellian-style hypocrisy of the U.S. War on of Terror?

Woman Jailed for Abusing and Spitting at Muslims as they left Mosque

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Woman jailed for abusing and spitting at Muslims as they left mosque

(via. Islamophobia-Watch)

Worshippers leaving a mosque in Colne were subjected to a tirade of racist abuse by a drunken woman who spat on them in the street, a court heard.

Brothers Quaram and Asim Majid were leaving the venue in Chapel Street on Wednesday when they were confronted by Emma Woods, Burnley magistrates were told. Woods, 24, of Laithe Street, Colne, hurled abuse at the pair and repeatedly spat at them, as their 14-year-old nephew looked on, said prosecutor Bill Maude.

The brothers tried to walk away towards Albert Road and Colne Lane but Woods pursued them across the Pendle town, in scenes which were described in court as “disgraceful”.

Woods admitted two offences of racially aggravated assault and breaching a suspended prison sentence order, also imposed for assault. Magistrates jailed her for 146 days.

Mr Maude said the defendant continued to pursue the pair, as one of the brothers attempts to guide their 14-year-old nephew to safety. Woods shouted: “No-one wants you here. Get out of our country. This is our town.”

Lancashire Telegraph, 23 July 2010


Arab Jailed for Having Sex with Israeli Woman

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A very interesting and unbelievable case from Israel.

Arab jailed for sex with Israeli woman

By Adrian Blomfield, The Daily Telegraph July 20, 2010 1:02 PM

A Palestinian man has been convicted of rape after consensual sexual intercourse with an Israeli woman who believed he was Jewish because he introduced himself as “Daniel”. An Israeli court made international legal history by jailing Sabbar Kashur, from East Jerusalem, for 18 months.

The 30 year-old delivery man was convicted of “rape by deception” after a criminal trial that drew criticism from across Israel.

Kashur was accused of misleading the woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, by introducing himself with the traditionally Jewish name when they met on a street in central Jerusalem in 2008. After striking up a conversation, they went into a nearby office block and engaged in a sexual encounter, after which Kashur quickly left.

The woman discovered his true racial background later, lawyers said.

Although conceding that the sexual intercourse was consensual, Tzvi Segal, the district court judge, concluded that the law had a duty to protect women from “smooth-tongued criminals who can deceive innocent victims at an unbearable price”.

She said: “If she hadn’t thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor interested in a serious romantic relationship, she would not have co-operated.”

A conviction for rape by deception on the grounds of racial misrepresentation is believed to be internationally unprecedented, according to British legal experts.

The charge is rarely used in the West. In 2007, a Syrian pilot walked free from a court in Swansea after being accused of tricking a woman into intercourse by saying it could cure a sexually transmitted disease. While forced sexual intercourse by deception is an offence under Israeli law, experts say it is a charge used sparingly in cases involving protracted deceit and a promise of marriage.

Adnan Aladdin, Kashur’s lawyer, said he had filed an appeal to ensure the verdict was not considered to be setting a precedent, adding that otherwise “many men would find themselves in jail”.

Israeli legal experts said they found the verdict disquieting. “It puts the law in the position of what could loosely be described as discrimination. I would feel intuitively uncomfortable about prosecuting someone for something like that,” said a former senior justice ministry official.

Gideon Levy, a leading liberal commentator, said: “What if this guy had been a Jew who pretended to be a Muslim and had sex with a Muslim woman? Would he have been convicted of rape? The answer is: of course not.”

The prosecutor was unavailable for comment. District attorney officials declined to discuss the case.

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