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Jewish Israeli Extremists Set Mosque on Fire, What if they Were Muslim?

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Mosque Set AlightMosque Set Alight by Jewish Extremists

Can you imagine the reaction if Muslims had done this to a Synagogue or a Church?

Israeli ‘Price Tag’ Vandals Set Mosque Alight

A mosque in northern Israel has been set on fire by suspected Jewish extremists in the latest of a series of incidents known as “price tag” attacks.

The interior of the mosque in the Upper Galilee was destroyed along with many holy books. It’s thought the arsonists arrived in the early hours of Monday morning.

Graffiti including the slogan “price tag” was spray-painted on walls.

Alaska: Muslim Menace in Sarah Palin’s Backyard

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The Mooslims have reached Alaska where they are now opening up the first mosque in that state. Someone call Sarah Palin to “refudiate” the Islamic takeover of Alaska. I predict there will be calls to ban sharia’ in Alaska in a couple of years.