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Australia: Man Arrested Over Mosque Attack

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Looks like they found one of the men who attacked the mosque in Newcastle:

Australia: man arrested over mosque attack

Newcastle police say a two-month long investigation combined with information from the community has led to a 25-year-old man being charged over an attack on a local mosque.

Early last month several men tried to kick in the door of the Wallsend mosque after childrens’ scripture classes. A Maryland man will face court in April after being charged with intimidation, causing malicious damage and entering enclosed lands.

Newcastle Crime Manager, Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Humphrey says the investigation is ongoing. “It’s just another example of the public doing the right thing and giving the information to police. The actions of the person are now subject to Court so I can’t comment on those but a lot of crimes are solved by the information from the public being accurate and timely, and in this case it’s been very successful.”

Detective Chief Inspector Humphrey says the incident was caught on CCTV and police used the footage as well information from the public to make an arrest.

“There’ve been enquiries ongoing and as a result of some good information from the public at least one of the persons has been identified and spoken to by police and he’s been issued future court attendance notices,” he said. “We anticipate that another gentleman who could assist us with our inquiries will be spoken to in the coming weeks when he returns from interstate.”

ABC Online, 28 February 2012

Alleged Queens Firebomber Wanted to Massacre Muslims in Mosque, Prosecutors Say

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Ray Lazier LengendRay Lazier Lengend

Another update to the story. The man did want to kill as many Muslims and Arabs as possible.

Alleged Queens firebomber wanted to massacre Muslims in mosque, prosecutors say

By Rocco Parascandola, Matt Mcnulty, Kerry Burke AND Kevin Deutsch

THE UNHINGED Queens pyromaniac who unleashed a scary New Year’s Day firebombing spree had planned to take out “as many Muslims and Arabs as possible” by lobbing Molotov cocktails at worshipers inside a mosque, prosecutors said.

Ray Lazier Lengend, 40, allegedly told cops he had planned to inflict “as much damage as possible” by hurling all five of his firebombs from the balcony of Imam Al-Khoei Islamic Center onto the crowd below.

The hateful bomb-hurler, who is under psychiatric observation at Bellevue Hospital center, flat-out told detectives he did not like Muslims or Arabs, prosecutors said.

“This is a message to anyone who does this in the future,” said Imam Maan Al-Sahlani, leader of Imam Al-Khoei Islamic Center, where Lengend planned to inflict major casualties. “It’s a good message that justice will come for you, the police will come for you.”

The imam applauded prosecutors’ use of the hate crime statute and hoped it would deter further anti-Muslim crimes.

“Obviously there is something wrong with him,” Al-Sahlani said.
Lengend, an unemployed truck driver from Queens Village, will face a judge via video arraignment Thursday from his bed at Bellevue.

He faces 18 charges including arson as a hate crime and weapon possession for throwing Starbucks Frappuccino bottles filled with gasoline at four occupied Jamaica buildings — two of them places of worship.

Lengend’s brother-in-law, Bejai Rai, 73, said his Elmont, L.I., house was also firebombed because he evicted Lengend for not paying rent.

“He had a vendetta against us,” Rai told the Daily News. “He tried to kill my wife, my two sons and my sister. I’m glad they got him otherwise he’d be back to firebomb us again.”

Rai said his family could not sleep until Lengend was caught.

“This is the first night we’ve been able to rest since the bombing.”
Lengend carried out his spree in a silver Buick Regal, which had been stolen from a rental car business at Kennedy Airport.

He first drove to to a gas station off the Van Wyck Expressway at Hillside Ave. and bought five glass Frappuccino bottles, before heading to another gas station and filling them with fuel.

His first target was Hillside Deli on 179th St., where Lengend threw a flaming glass bottle that ignited upon hitting the floor.

He burned four other targets, including the mosque and a Hindu place of worship on 170th St., but did not inflict the massive damage he hoped for, prosecutors said.

Lengend confessed to three earlier attacks as well, sources said. He claimed ongoing beefs were his motive for all eight crimes.

With Thomas Zambito

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Qalqilyah: Another Attack on a West Bank Mosque

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The so called price tag attacks against Mosques and Muslims continues unabated in Palestine.

Suspected hate crime at mosque near Qalqilyah

Anonymous vandals hurled a burning tire at the entrance of a mosque in Brukin, a village south-east of Qalqilyah. They also spray painted the walls and smashed the windshields of two nearby vehicles. The police have launched an investigation into the suspected hate crime.

The IDF said in response: “The IDF and Defense Ministry are working to locate those responsible and take incidents in which property is damaged very seriously, especially in the case of holy sites.” (Yoav Zitun and Omri Efraim)

So the IDF is “working to locate those responsible?” Well, maybe they should look at their own ranks, as three Israeli soldiers were recently arrested for partaking in “price tag” attacks.

Muslims protest at mosque attack in Switzerland

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Do they really have to use a dead pig,  four pig heads and 120 liters of pig’s blood to make a statement? Are there any other mediums to get your message across? Maybe having a meeting and discussing things over like fashionable citizens? Just a suggestion you know. Instead of the abuse and misuse of dead animals.

Muslims protest at mosque attack in Switzerland

A dead pig and four pig heads have been found buried on the site of a future mosque in an anonymous anti-Islam attack, police say.

The attackers sent anonymous letters to the media in the region near the mosque site in the town of Grenchen in canton Solothurn.

In the letter they said they had also poured 120 litres of pig’s blood on the ground, saying it was a test of Muslim faith whether the mosque would be built on the land afterwards.

The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland   said it “condemned the profanation of the site of a future mosque”, adding: “With this act, a line has been cross and Islamophobia has attained a new level.”

Grenchen mayor Boris Banga described the attack as “horrible and abominable”. and agencies

Israel: Mosque Vandalized Near Haifa

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There have been a spate of arson attacks and vandalism of mosques in Israel over the past year. It is due to the rising hostility of Orthodox Jewish/Nationalist settlers and the political situation. Imagine the reaction of Islamophobes  if Muslims had attacked another religions holy place. There would be pandemonium!

Mosque Vandalized in Bedouin village near Haifa

A mosque in the Bedouin village of Ibtin, east of Haifa, was vandalized overnight Tuesday with graffiti.

The graffiti was discovered by village residents at 4:30 AM.

The 3 slogans spray-painted on the building’s walls read: “There will be a war over Judea and Samaria,” “price tag” and “this structure is destined for demolition.”

“This is a serious crime that cannot be ignored,” Mohammed Omaria, a village resident who works at the mosque, told Haaretz. Omria also said the crime was the result of the recent wave of anti-Arab incitement in Israel.

A village resident who lives near the mosque said he saw three yarmulke-wearing youths in the mosque’s vicinity at around 2 AM Wednesday, and that when he asked them what they were doing there, they answered that they were searching for their dog.

Dozens of village residents and Muslims from nearby villages flocked to the mosque to inspect the damage.

The village’s leaders said they plan to involve Israeli Arab MKs in the affair and hold a conference at the mosque.

The mosque has come under attack in the past when arsonists set fire to it in 1988.