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“He Who Spares the Rod, Hates His Son”: The Bible’s Justification for Corporal Punishment of Children Leads to Murder

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The Canadian case in which Mohammad Shafia killed three of his daughters and his first wife are being sensationalized in the Islamophobesphere as a clear cut instance proving Islam sanctions “Honor Killing.” There are all sorts of wily and convoluted attempts at stretching Quranic verse and Prophetic tradition to mean something they clearly don’t, as Ilisha makes clear in her most recent article.

The video below clearly demonstrates however that there are some Christians who are willing to use corporal punishment to put their children “back in place,” and they do this based on the Bible (hat tip: Omar Q.):

Needless to say such literalism can have deadly consequences, but should we now blame all of Christianity for these zealots? Should we say that their interpretation is the correct one, the one most in fidelity with scripture?

Lockdown for Queen Elizabeth’s landmark Ireland visit

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(hat tip: JD)

There has been a rise in terrorist activity in Ireland from the same type of groups that Rep. Peter King used to support. Imagine if these groups were Muslim?

Lockdown for Queen Elizabeth’s landmark Ireland visit

DUBLIN (AFP) – Queen Elizabeth II starts her historic state visit to Ireland Tuesday amid a massive security lockdown after the threat of Irish republican terrorism resurfaced with a coded bomb threat in London.

The historic four-day trip, the first by a British monarch to the Republic of Ireland since it gained independence from London in 1922, is a landmark moment aimed at normalising relations between the two neighbouring states.

However, a visit intended to underline the progress made following the hard-won peace in Northern Ireland is taking place surrounded by the highest security.

Central Dublin was in a police clampdown amid Ireland’s biggest-ever security operation, while dissident republicans opposed to the peace process and the sovereign’s visit made a coded bomb threat in London on Monday.

Police sealed off roads near Buckingham Palace and carried out a controlled explosion after the first coded warning outside Northern Ireland for 10 years.

Such warnings have traditionally been used by Irish republican paramilitaries before attacks.

Dissidents opposed to the peace process have been resurgent in Northern Ireland in recent months, murdering a Catholic policeman in a car bombing in April.

Opposition to the queen’s visit persists among hardcore and violent republicans, who want Northern Ireland to become part of the Republic.