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Dearborn Islamic Center Vandalized

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Chaldean_Mafia_IslamophobiaDearborn: Mosque Vandalized

Police Investigating Vandalism of Dearborn Mosque

By Jessica Carreras

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is urging houses of worship in metro Detroit to take extra precautions following several cases of vandalism.

Dearborn police are investigating several incidents of possible anti-Muslim vandalism in the city, according to a press release sent out Tuesday by the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

According to CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid, the American Moslem Bekaa Center, located on Chase Road north of Ford Road, was targeted in the spray-painting, as well as a building nearby on Chase that is soon to be opened as a restaurant.

Both buildings were tagged with the words “Chaldean Mob” or “MB.”

Walid said the names are related to the Chaldean Mafia, a group that was notorious for drug trafficking in the Detroit area in the 1980s and ’90s. However, any specific ties to that group have not been established in this case.

Also still undetermined is whether the vandalism was motivated by ethnic or racial bias. However, said Walid, “It should be investigated with the potential to be a hate crime.”

The incidents in Dearborn follow a case of vandalism of a Sikh house of worship earlier this month in Sterling Heights.

Though there’s no indication that the cases are related, Walid said it’s enough to cause worry.

“We’re asking all mosques to take extra security precautions,” he said. “It’s a sad commentary on our society that there are (people) who would desecrate houses of worship. It seems that nothing is sacred these days.”

CAIR-MI put out a request to community members to call police with any information on the incidents.

“There’s a lot of traffic in that area, so someone must’ve seen something. I’m hoping that if someone saw any individuals they would immediately call the Dearborn police.”

Walid said that he had spoken with Dearborn Chief of Police Ronald Haddad, who confirmed that the department is investigating the vandalism.

Chief Haddad was not immediately available for comment on the case.

Anyone with information on the vandalism is asked to contact the Dearborn Police Tip Line at 313-943-3030.

The ‘Price Tag’ Attacks Continue in the West Bank

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If Muslims were attacking synagogues or churches at this rate, we would not hear the end of it from right-wing nuts like Spencer and Geller.

Another ‘price tag’ attack in West Bank

Three cars were torched and a mosque wall was spray painted with the sentence “price tag Gal Arye Yosef” in the village of Dir Istiya near Ariel in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The sentence refers to the name of an illegal outpost that was evacuated in the last few days.

The head of the Dir Istiya local council, Nazmi Salaman, told Ynet that at 1:40 am residents noticed a car with three passengers and an Israeli license plate driving at high speed on the village’s main street towards the exit. “Immediately after that the residents noticed that three cars parked cars were on fire near the mosque and one of the fences that surround the mosque had the ‘price tag’ graffiti.”

Salaman added that at first the residents called the Palestinian DCO to report the incident, later Israeli police along with IDF troops arrived due to the fact that Dir Istiya is in Area C. “This is a continuation of attacks against Palestinians and mosques in the West Bank,” he said.

He noted that this was the second time that village property was vandalized. “The first time was in September when the Palestinian Authority launched their UN bid, and then settlers came and unsuccessfully tried to set the mosque on fire.”

Ynetnews, 11 January 2012

Midlands Mosque Vandalised on Remembrance Day

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“Burn this one.” (hat tip:B Boy Blue)

Midlands Mosque Vandalised on Remembrance Day

A Midlands mosque was vandalised on the morning of Armistice Day in what is suspected to be a hate crime

The Masjid-E-Umar in Darlaston, West Midlands was vandalised on the morning of Remembrance Day in what is suspected to be a hate crime in retaliation against the fifty Muslim individuals who took part in burning poppies on Remembrance Day 2010.

The attack occurred between the hours of 7:30am and 11:00am. The suspects were said to have jumped over the locked gates and spray-painted a graffiti image of a poppy on the mosque door with the text ‘‘Burn this one’’ to signal the mosque as a supporter of the poppy burning incident.

In 2010, to commemorate Remembrance Day, fifty individuals under a now banned extremist group, Muslim Against Crusades, took part in burning poppies near the Royal Albert Hall in London causing disruption. CCTV was in operation outside the mosque but no footage of the perpetrators had been captured.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after 12pm and patrolled the area for the remainder of the day. The graffiti was removed but the mosque door was damaged.

This isn’t the first time that the Darlaston mosque has been attacked. Two years ago, an attacker spray-painted racist words on the mosque but was caught on CCTV and received community service. And following the London 7/7 bombings, a brick was thrown at the mosque leaving permanent damage to the building.

A Darlaston community member said that the racists who attacked the mosque were ignorant as they ‘‘are over 2 million Muslims in the UK, how can they blame the actions of fifty people to be the beliefs of 2 million?’’ Another community member expressed her thoughts on the attackers, “they have no understanding or respect for any religion,” she said. “This is a place of worship. We live in a multicultural society. We have to respect each other. That’s what it means to be British.”

Other Attacks on Mosques

Similar attacks on mosques throughout the UK have been occurring, some even more violent than the one at Masjid-E-Umar. In July 2011, a Luton mosque was attacked in the early hours of the morning. The attackers broke the mosque windows and sprayed graffiti on the walls.

At the Redbridge Islamic Centre, an incident was reported where attackers shouted racial abuse and threw bricks at the building while worshippers were inside, injuring one man.

Following from the deadly hit-and-run of three Muslim men in Birmingham, in the wake of the 2011 riots, several mosques in Birmingham received a number of threats.